M6.1 earthquake hits Colombia – Tremors felt in Bogota

A strong M6.1 earthquake has struck Andes region in western Colombia. The quake hit at 14:21 (local time) (19:21 GMT) at a depth of 113 kilometers (70 miles) some 7 kilometers (4 miles) away from El Dovio, about 370 kilometers (230 miles) west of the Colombian capital of Bogota. There have been no immediate reports of casualties or major damage yet.

M6.1 earthquake shakes Colombia on March 23 2019. Map via USGS

Tremors could be felt in the city of Cali located more than 150 kilometers from El Dovio as well as near the capital.

In Cali, the quake knocked bottles from shelves in a local supermarket. People panicked and ran out of the mall, one person wrote on Twitter:

Here some other impressive videos:

In other footage, taken in a residential building near Bogota, kitchen utensils hanging on a wall can be seen shaking.

According to the National Unit for Risk Management (UNGDR), there have been no reports of casualties or damage to infrastructure in the country.

The UNGDR is currently assessing the possible impacts of the earthquake in the Valle del Cauca.

On Saturday morning, the Geological Service had also registered an M3.0 earthquake near Ayapel, Córdoba. Since 1900, the largest earthquakes to occur in this region were the October 29 1900 Magnitude 7.7 Caracas earthquake, and the July 29 1967 Magnitude 6.5 earthquake.

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