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Scott C Waring, a popular voice in the enthusiast community, has claimed to have found proof of a new alien species on Mars. The UFO expert shared on his blog ET Data Base a NASA photo of what he believes is a genuine extraterrestrial. The photo in question was snapped by NASA’s Mars Curiosity rover in 2014, just north of the so-called Kimberley Waypoint. According to the US space agency, it shows beds of Martian sandstone jutting out of the red soil towards Mars’ towering Mount Sharp.

But if Mr Waring is to be believed, the photograph could hold a treasure trove of UFO related information.

The conspiracy theorist said: “I found this ancient face of a new species I have never seen before.

“I mean I have found thousands of faces off-world in photos but this one is very unique.

“It has no nose area and its face is flat, but you can easily make out the chin, mouth, small nose, eyes forehead and woven beaded hair.”


The self-titled UFOlogist is known among his peers for trawling through NASA’s archives of lunar and Martian photos in search of extraterrestrial evidence.

Mr Waring often shares pictures of oddly shaped rocks or shadows, which he then claims support his alien theories.

Earlier this month on April 9, the UFO expert has astonishingly claimed to have found an “” on Mars.

He argued the extraterrestrial object was hidden in a photograph taken by NASA’s Spirit Rover in 2004.


The conspiracist said at the time he was “amazed” so many extraterrestrial objects go unnoticed by NASA.

He now said of his latest alien find: “How do I find them? Easy, I believe I can, then I go look and often find one or several in a single photo. No superpowers used.”

However, not everyone who saw the NASA photo was convinced by Mr Waring’s bizarre claims.


YouTube user David Grovers wrote online: “This is pathetic. These kinds of lies won’t reach many people anymore.”

And Ian Payne commented on Mr Waring’s post: “Nope – it’s a rock, period.”

A likely explanation for Mr Waring’s frequent UFO discoveries is a well known psychological phenomenon known as pareidolia.

explained: “Pareidolia is the psychological phenomenon where people see recognisable shapes in clouds, rock formations, or otherwise unrelated objects or data.

“There are many examples of this phenomenon on Earth and in space.”

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