Is the government concealing California’s wildfire death toll?

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This is an interesting article I have found on the Someone’s Bones website. It talks about the cruel possibility that the governement is maybe… or probably… concealing the death toll of the massive and deadly California wildfires. Well, they’re concealing the actual end of the world, so concealing one small aspect of the end of the world would not exactly be surprising…

“Heavenly father, please help us.” Wildfire death toll rises to 77 in and around Paradise (California), missing count drops to around 1000. Image copyright: AFP/GETTY IMAGES

Yesterday President Trump visited the scorched earth of northern California, his first trip to the burning state since the Camp and Woolsey wildfires scorched 250,000 acres of land and turned the town of Paradise into a pile of shouldering ashes. Standing on a Malibu bluff overlooking the devastation, the president said, “The very is very, very bad, but we can rebuild what was lost.” He did not mention the seventy-one confirmed fatalities or the nearly thirteen hundred missing people, figures the White House and the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection have fudged to prevent the country from grasping true impact of this cataclysmic event.

According to our sources, an anonymous White House official and a pair of California firefighters, the Trump administration and CAL FIRE are acting in collusion, underreporting a catastrophic death toll because “they don’t want people to freak out and panic,” said our White House source. He said CAL FIRE has found the charred remains of 480 people, and that number increases hourly.

“It was FEMA Director Brock Long’s idea. He told Trump that Americans can’t handle another mass causality event after the recent string of mass shootings. His idea is to slowly release the number of fatalities, one here and one there, to soften the impact. Eventually, maybe in a year or two, they’ll admit all the missing people died in the fire. By that time, though, everyone’s mind will be occupied with other events, and no one will remember what happened in California in November 2018,” our source said.

His words are corroborated by two California first responders, who we’ll call “Dan” and “Steven.” They claim the entirety of CAL FIRE has been placed under a gag order prohibiting them from publically speaking to the number of casualties.

“We were told in strict words not to speak about victims to friends and family, not to post anything on social media that contradicts official reports. We give the info to our chief, he gives it to FEMA, and FEMA gives it to whomever. But I know the death count is being grossly misrepresented. We found the remains of thirty people in one location,” Dan said.

He told a chilling story of finding the burned-out skeletal husk of a tour bus once filled with happy-go-lucky vacationers. Some bodies were found without skin; others were much, much worse. Dan said some were reduced to ash, as if cremated, and that he assessed fatalities by counting the amount teeth found scattered about the area. He guesses forty persons were aboard that bus.

“The fire got so hot, so fast—they didn’t even have a chance to stand up and try to get out. In twenty years of firefighting, I’ve never seen anything like it,” Dan said.

Steven had a similar story. His ladder company found a row of six cars, keys still in the ignition, each filled with two-to-six roasted corpses.

“It’s like they all crazy-glued to their seats and couldn’t rise up. I’ve never seen a fire like this. Broiling people alive so quickly. Blisters and boils covered what little remained of their flesh, and that wasn’t very much. I guess there were twenty-five or thirty people in those six vehicles. We were told to not talk about it to anyone,” Steven said. “We’ve spoken quietly with other units and so I know this ain’t an isolated incident. It’s happened many times inside the fire’s perimeter.”

In just these two instances, approximately sixty people perished; yet we are led to believe only seventy-one people have died and the 1200 missing are probably doing fine and will return home after the crisis ends.

FEMA Director Brock Long stated as much, saying, “Most of the missing most likely fled the area and are staying at hotels or with friends and families. There is no reason to believe they’re still in the fire-stricken areas.”

As concerned and aware citizens, we deserve nothing less than the truth; not only about the number of fatalities but also the truth behind who and what actually started these fires. I’m not holding my breath.

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