Is Galeras volcano waking up in Colombia? Volcanic earthquakes kill 2 people and damage several homes and roadways – More than 550 aftershocks

The Galeras Volcano in southern Colombia registered two moderate volcanic earthquakes on Tuesday, June 12, 2018, that left two people dead as well as several homes and roadways damaged. Since then, more than 550 earthquakes have already hit the same area. Authorities are now on high-alert and have activated all protocols in case of an emergency. Galeras is Colombia’s most active volcano. The last eruption of the Colombian volcano was in January 2010, when some 8,000 people were evacuated.

The Galeras Volcano in southern Colombia registered two moderate earthquakes on Tuesday that left two people dead, several homes and roadways damaged, said local authorities. via usgs

The epicenters of the back-to-back volcanic earthquakes were situated near the city of Pasto, capital of Narino Province. According to USGS, the first quake, a M4.9 at a depth of 30km, occurred at 4:35 a.m. local time (about 0935 GMT). The seismic waves were strongly felt in various regions around the volcano. A minute later, a second M4.3 quake again at a depth of 30 km. Since then more than 550 aftershocks hit the same area, as released by the Colombian Geological Service in an ‘extraordinary publication’:

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Special publication issued by the Colombian Geological Service on June 12, 2018 after more than 550 earthquakes hit the Galeras volcano in Colombia. via Servicio Geologico Colombiano

These two volcanic earthquakes have placed local authorities in the nearby city of Pasto, capital of Narino Province, on high alert.”We have activated all of the protocols …to attend to the emergency,” Narino Governor Camilo Romero said on Twitter.

Officials haven’t change the volcano alert level and don’t think this swarm of 260 earthquakes is a prelude to another eruption of the volcanic peak.

But it seems many don’t believe officials in this part of Colombia. They are all trying to tank their cars to have enough fuel in case of an emergency:

The two people died when their house was crushed by falling rocks. Officials suspended classes in local schools as a precaution.

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he last official eruption of the Galeras Volcano in Colombia was reported in 2010.

Galeras is Colombia’s most active volcano. Its last eruption was in January 2010, when some 8,000 people were evacuated.

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Boletin Extraordinario – Volcan Galeras – 13 de Junio 2018
2 killed in volcanic quakes in south Colombia

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