In pictures: Nights are so cold in Burgundy right now that wineyards have to be put on fire for protection

Look at these amazing images! Winemakers in Côte-d’Or (Burgundy) had to lit up their wineyards to protect them from unusual frost and negative temperatures in the night from April 13 and April 14, 2019. Almost unseen at this time of the year!

Why are these wineyards on fire in Burgundy? Picture via Twitter

And now a closer look:

Hundreds of people were mobilized at night to light and monitor straw fires (to create a smoke screen before sunrise) and braziers (to raise the temperature) to protect the buds from frost.

Indeed, with negative temperatures, buds will be caught in ice. If the sun rays hit the ice, there will be a magnifying glass effect that will burn the bud.

So the heart of this technique is to create enough smoke by sprinkling the straw with water, in order to keep it moist.

The same was reported in the Chablis region:

Hopefully we will have a good WINE year! I really like Chablis 🙂

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