Hurricane Willa is now a “potentially catastrophic” Cat. 5 storm threatening more than 7 million people in Mexico

Life threatening storm surge, wind and rainfall predicted as Hurricane Willa reaches Cat 5 before landfall along the southwestern coast of Mexico Tuesday afternoon or evening.

Hurricane Willa, a huge and life threatening storm will devastate Mexico’s western coast as it has reached Cat. 5 category before landfall.
The hurricane has grown rapidly as it made its way across the Pacific Ocean, its winds increasing from 40mph to 155mph in 48 hours. The US National Hurricane Center has warned that the storm system and could “produce life threatening storm surge, wind and rainfall” in Mexico on Tuesday.

From 40 mph Tropical Storm to 155 mph Hurricane in 48hrs, Willa is another example of rapid intensification in a tropical cyclone. Wind shear will weaken the storm slightly before landfall Tue, but Willa will bring life-threatening storm surge and winds to the Mexico coast.

Forecasters predict Willa will make landfall between the resort towns of Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta late Tuesday or early Wednesdayand is thus threatening more than 7 million people in Mexico:

Some areas could see up to 18 inches of rainfall, likely triggering flash flooding and landslides in mountainous areas. A hurricane warning has also been issued for Mexico’s western coast between San Blas and Mazatlan.

Hurricane Willa strengthened into a powerful Category 5 storm Monday morning, taking aim at the Mexican coast and threatening to deliver life-threatening storm surge, wind and rain
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Hurricane Willa strengthens to Category 5 and is forecast to devastate Mexico’s west coast.

Willa has rapidly intensified and is now a major hurricane – the 10th of the 2018 Northeast Pacific hurricane season to date. 2018 is now tied with 1992 for the 2nd most major hurricanes in a NE Pacific season on record – trailing only 2015 which had 11 major hurricanes.

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NOAA – Hurricane Willa in Mexico

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