Huge landslide swallows 5 houses and cuts off main road in Indonesia in videos and pictures

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A huge landslide, most probably related to mining activities in the area, has swallowed up several houses and cut off the main road in Jawa Village, Sanga Sanga District, Indonesia at around 02:00 p.m., on November 29, 2018. The major geological phenomenon is still going on. The ground continues to move and many houses may end like that in the video… just a few meters deeper:

The landslide started slowly. And within 25 minutes, the road was cut and about five houses collapsed underground. Luckily, neither injuries nor fatalities have been reported yet.

A giant landslide destroyed several houses in Indonesia on November 29, 2018. Picture via Tribun News
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Enormous landslide cuts off road and swallows up 5 houses in Indonesia. Picture via Tribun News

Nita was taking a nap with her two children, when she was suddenly awakened by screaming people. When she woke up, the front of her house was already gone and she escaped her home with her children.

Here a drone video showing the catastrophic landslide and its enormous size from above:

Meanwhile, the ground continues to move, to liquefy…

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