Furious steppe fires in the Baikal Region, Russia, leave 240 people homeless as their homes and cattle burn down – State of Emergency

Fires is going out of control due to strong winds. Several villages have almost completely burned down during steppe fires in Transbaikalia. Just on April 19, 2019, more than 240 people, including 25 children, were left homeless as the fire torched 71 houses and 21 buildings in eight settlements.

In the Trans-Baikal Territory of Russia, fires engulfed 8 settlements, burning down more than 70 houses and 20 outbuildings and killing cattle just in one day! Picture via Instagram
  • Shara, Aleksandrovo-Zavodsky district: 20 houses out of 27 houses burned down, leaving 67 people homeless
  • Ust-Imalka, Onon district: 27 houses burned down and 42 people homeless. T
  • Unda, Balei: 15 houses destroyed and 89 people left homeless
  • 9 shepherd camps and 30 cattle were burnt down.

The regional Ministry of Health reported that five people were injured as a result of the fires.

427 people and 58 units of equipment were sent to fight the wildfires.

Meanwhile, fire extinguishing is complicated because of the high temperatures (+20 degrees) and of powerful wind gusts of up to 28 m/s coming from Mongolia, where a sandstorm currently rages.

Not far from the village of Tokchin, according to the source “Chita.ru”, two shepherd camps and 30 cattle burnt down. Photo: “Chita.ru”

The head of the Trans-Baikal Territory, Alexander Osipov, promised to help all the victims of the fires in the Trans-Baikal region and instructed to promptly consider the issues of material support for people whose property was lost.

A state of emergency has been introduced. The strong wind will persist in Transbaikalia, at least until April 22, thus making it almost impossible to battle the fires!

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