Forest ground is breathing in Quebec, Canada in video

Does this only happen in Canada? The ground looks like it’s breathing in this Quebec Forest.

Intense winds cause Quebec forest to ‘breathe’

Someone is about to get whacked in the head when that next gust of wind actually uproots a tree. Yes, it looks like wind is getting ready to knock over some trees to me.

You remember? This next video was captured in Nova Scotia, Canada on October 31, 2015:

This video was recorded in Sacre-Coeur, Quebec Tuesday. In it, strong winds push and pull at the forest floor, making it look like it’s ‘breathing’. Yes, the tree roots are not deep and anchored, they are running close to the surface so when the wind blows pushing the tree it is pulling on the roots.

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The Weather Network – Intense winds cause Quebec forest to ‘breathe’

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