Fish with two mouths captured in Lake Champlain

That fish looks pretty weird!

Look at this lake trout hooked at Lake Champlain… It has two mouths.

Couple captures fish with two mouths at Lake Champlain. Picture by Debbie Geddes via Facebook page for Knotty Boys Fishing

Debbie Geddes, while fishing with her husband at Lake Champlain in North America, caught a fish with two mouths… And the internet went crazy!

According to comments, the second mouth is not actually a mouth but a hole that is the result of an injury caused by a hook when the fish was probably caught and released in the past.

And what about mutation caused by dangerous pollution?

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Injury or mutation? Why does this fish has two mouths? Picture by Debbie Geddes via Facebook page for Knotty Boys Fishing

Although very weird, this is not the first time a fish with two mouths has been caught. Another one was fished in Lake Boney, Australia in 2015.

And it wouldn’t be either the first time that a mutated fish was captured. Back in 2011, a three-eyed wolf fish was hooked in a lake near a nuclear reactor near Cordoba, Argentina.

What do you think now? Was this fish with two mouths either injured or did it mutate?

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