Fires in Alaska are burning out-of-control in video

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No way i would drive that highway.

It’s way too scary. 

Huge flames from the Swan Lake Fire were visible from the Sterling Highway Sunday night.

Christina Johnstone was driving from Cooper Landing to Sterling when she captured this video.

Swan Lake Fire burns out-of-control in Alaska. Picture via Twitter

Kenai Peninsula Borough officials say if you don’t need to drive on the highway — don’t. 

Some people report having to turn around from a wilderness tour because the smoke is so bad and the fires are burning like crazy. Yes in Anchorage, residents were advised to stay indoor due to bad air quality.

Some even had to cancel their Alaskan vacations due to the fires.

Others take it to the point and blame the current idiotic politics in Alaska: For those of you who thought cutting the ferry service to some of our communities was a good idea, now do you understand how crucial any highway system is to the economy and every day life? Both are Alaskans highways we all depend on.

In overall, those Alaskan wildfires burn out of control and they are a threat for anybody living around. Those flames are way too close to those cars! I’m shocked because officials aare constantly saying they want to protect the public from harm!

Meanwhile, forests are burning across the world.

Let’s hope for many that these Alaskan fires will by contained in a few days.

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