Fiery PHOENIX arises from its ashes in the sky over Norway

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On November 10, 2018, the amazing aurora show over Senja, Norway was nothing short of magical. After waiting a few hours in the cold this image appeared out of nowhere. Huge colorful pillars taking the shape of a fiery bird floating in the sky… Like a mythological phoenix arising from the ashes of its predecessor!

The mythical bird appeared out of nowhere. By Adrien Mauduit Facebook and Instagram

As Adrien Mauduit explains:”The lights started very early (6pm) as a stable arc on the northern horizon. As it had all completely cleared up and started in a very good manner, I drove to the fjords to get some shots. As I arrived there it started developing already and danced for a bit. It rapidly died out into a faint pulsating aurora for at least 2 hours. I decided to take a few time lapses in the meantime and moved around a lot. However I felt like it was far from being over!

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Look a Phoenix in the sky over Norway. By Adrien Mauduit Facebook and Instagram

I moved to Meforjdvær for the rest of the night around 10pm. I started shooting a milky way and aurora timelapse as the latter was very faint. Around 11pm though a faint band in the south moved northwards to zenith and developed into a first beautiful corona, but once again not fully blown. A few minutes later though it came back with full intensity and this image appeared. Huge colorful pillars taking the shape of a fiery bird.

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