Extreme lightning storms follow heatwave: 170 sheep and goat killed by lightning in India

On June 12, 2019, a lightning storm killed 100 sheep in Kashmir.

Well, a day after, 170 more sheep and goats were killed during another extreme lightning storm in Trana village of Banihal in Ramban district of Jammu and Kashmir.

170 sheep and goats killed by lightning in Kashmir, India, following extreme heatwave.. Picture via GK

After 100 sheep, now 170 sheep and goats killed by lightning in Kashmir, India, following an extreme heatwave that killed several dozens of people.

170 sheep and goats were found dead due to lightning and thunderstorms on Wednesday night in the village which borders Gool tehsil,” said Ranjeet Singh, in charge officer police post Khari. 

dead sheep Kashmir
dead sheep Kashmir. Photo: GK

He said the livestock belonged to Nazir Ahmad, son of Abdul Majid, resident of Dhanour Arnas Reasi, Juma, son of Aziz R/O Dhanour Arnas Reasi, Abul Rehman Lone son of Abdul Sattar Lone R/O Trana Khari Banihal and Lala Bakarwal, son of Tosha Bakarwal Jhandi Thakra Kote Reasi. 

[Greater Kashmir]

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