Extreme hailstorm stops traffic in Shifa, Saudi Arabia while intense flooding inundates other parts of the country and Oman in videos

Let’s talk about weather chaos! What is currently sweeping across Saudi Arabia and Oman is more than that. Heavy hailstorms, extreme flooding… In desertic countries? What the heck is going on…

Apocalyptic hailstorm blocks road traffic in Shifa, Saudi Arabia on May 17, 2019.

Extreme hailstorm stops traffic in Shifa, Saudi Arabia

A heavy hailstorm hit desertic Shifa in Saudi Arabia on May 17, 2019, dropping very high amount of hail… enough to completely block road traffic.

Hail accumulation in some places was so big that bulldozers had to remove it.

Here a look at what it looked like during the storm. A lot of small hail stones coming down:

This even looks like snow to me:

After melting, some impressive rivers of hail started flooding the area.

Even creating new rivers in the arid desert.


Intense flooding in Saudi Arabia

An archival picture of floods swept the kingdom in 2010

Heavy rainfall in Saudi Arabia on Friday caused floods in the south and southeast of the country.

The Saudi General Authority for Meteorology and Environmental Protection warned residents in several provinces in south and south-west Saudi Arabia of thunderstorms and floods over the next days.

Apocalyptic floods in Oman

and some more terrifying videos of these record floods in Oman!

The weather war is on…

[CNN Arabic, Alquds]

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