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The “sinister” granite tomb was dug out in Alexandria City where some believe Alexander the Great himself is buried.

The exciting discovery was met with cheers by the Egyptian Council of Antiquities but others remained wary of what might be lurking inside.

Archaeologists estimate the 9.8-foot-long black tomb dates back to the Egyptian Ptolemaic period, sometime between 350BC and 30BC.

The sarcophagus remained carefully interned in the ground for two millennia and many now claim it should have remained that way.

People took to social media in the past days to humorously protest the opening of the sarcophagus.

Many referenced the hit 199 film “The Mummy” as the perfect example of how things go wrong when people meddle with ancient, sealed tombs.

David Milner, editor at Gamer Informer Australia, tweeted: “As a fan of Brendan Fraser’s ‘The Mummy’, I say don’t open the cursed sarcophagus.

“But as someone who saw Tom Cruise’s ‘The Mummy’, I say do it. We deserve the horrors that await.”

Jeet Heer of The New Republic, said: “If we’ve learned anything from every Mummy movie of the last 100 years, it’s that the sarcophagus must not be opened”.

British fiction author and comic book writer Neil Gaiman ominously said he has a fairly good idea “how this one goes”.

Fellow author Nick Mosley added: “Just for once, how about we re-bury the sinister black sarcophagi and pretend we never found it?

“They’re going to open it, aren’t they? Oh well, I’m off to Tesco to stock up on holy water.”

Book author Catherynne Valence also tweeted: “They found this black granite sarcophagus in Alexandria and that’s really cool and all but if the movies have taught me anything guys, don’t open that. Just don’t. Leave it alone.”

Washington Post writer Alexandra Petri also expressed her concerns, tweeting: “I think I’m team ‘Let’s Open The Sarcophagus How Bad Can It Be’ and suddenly I understand the first ten minutes of every disaster movie much better.”

But despite the tongue-in-cheek protests all over the internet, researchers from the Supreme Council of Antiquities decided to open the sarcophagus to get a good look at the mysteries inside.

The archaeologists discovered the well preserved and more importantly dead remains of a mummy rotten down to the bone, without signs of any ancient curse.

The black sarcophagus was accidentally unearthed 16 feet underground when clearing out a space for a new building.

The unidentified mummy suffered little decomposition thanks to a sealed layer of mortar between the body and the coffin’s lid.

A discovery of this magnitude is a rarity in Egypt because most mummy burials have suffered decay and destruction over the centuries.

The Egyptian Ministry of State for Antiquities will now attempt to identify the remains to crack the mystery of the sarcophagus’ occupant.

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