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One earthquake forecaster is predicting a powerful tremor in the coming days, warning it could register as high as a magnitude seven tremor. The conspiracy theorist states that “electromagnetic forces” within the solar system due to the alignment of planets could cause a major tremor on Earth. The predicted quake will apparently come to fruition on July 19 or July 20, according to ‘new age earthquake forecaster’ Frank Hoogerbeets.

Mr Hoogerbeets wrote on his website Ditrianum: “A convergence of planetary and lunar geometry on the 17th could result in larger seismic activity, possibly high 6 to 7 magnitude, most likely on the 19th or 20th.”

A magnitude seven earthquake has the potential to tear down buildings, and the tremor can be felt from up to 250 kilometres away from the epicentre, according to the Richter scale.

Mr Hoogerbeets reached his conclusion using his Solar System Geometry Index (SSGI) which “is the computation of a dataset for a specific time-frame of values given to specific geometric positions of the planets, the Moon and the Sun”.

He said: “After three years of observations, it became clear that some planetary geometry in the Solar System clearly tends to cause a seismic increase, while other geometry does not.”

But experts have previously dismissed Mr Hoogerbeets’ claims, saying that there is no way earthquakes can be predicted.

John Bellini, a geophysicist at the US Geological Survey (USGS) has said: “We can’t predict or forecast earthquakes.

“Sometimes before a large earthquake you’ll have a foreshock or two, but we don’t know they’re foreshocks until the big one happens.”

The USGS completely denies that earthquakes can be forecasted, writing on its website: “Neither the USGS nor any other scientists have ever predicted a major earthquake.

“We do not know how, and we do not expect to know how any time in the foreseeable future.”

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