Dangerous Super Typhoon Jebi is Earth’s strongest storm of 2018 and heads for Japan

Super Typhoon Jebi – the Earth’s strongest storm of 2018 – continues to roar in the western Pacific Ocean at 170 mph. Although weakening, the dangerous storm is expected to make a direct hit on Japan early next week with winds of 120 mph, gusting to nearly 150 mph – equivalent to a Category 3 hurricane.

The super typhoon Jebi is now the strongest storm of 2018. via Twitter

Rainfall flooding, high winds, battering waves and coastal flooding are all expected as Jebi pushes ashore Tuesday into Wednesday. Damaging winds and coastal flooding may be the most significant impacts with this storm.

Japan has already been hit hard by other tropical systems, historic flooding and a deadly heat wave this year. Jebi would be the seventh named storm to impact Japan this year and comes on the heels of Cimaron, which slammed into Japan late last week.

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Super typhoon Jebi path. via Twitter

Worldwide, Jebi is the fourth Category 5 storm of 2018.

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USA Today – Super Typhoon Jebi – the Earth’s strongest storm of the year – heads for Japan

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