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In astrology, semisquares describe the astrological aspect – the angles planets make towards one another – when they reach 45° apart.

Aspects control the different developmental changes in a person’s life and pull more on an individual’s character as they become more exact.

In today’s reading, Mercury will be hindered by its planetary alignment with Pluto.

Marina from Marstars.net warned it may see people “using their power in a negative way”.

She explained: “Today the transit mercury will make semisquare with Pluto.

“This is a minor challenging aspect which can bring possible challenges in the area of communication and connections with other people.

“Pluto is a very powerful planet but also sometimes this power might be used in a bad or negative way.

“People may use this power to control others or suppress them or to you know require them only things that are selfish related to their own desires.

“So this combination today may bring you possible misunderstandings or challenging communication.”

You are advised to try to use the energy to “transform something” and use it in a positive way.

What about the moon?

Today the moon is in Virgo, which is an Earth sign.

Earth signs are generally considered to be practical and grounded.

Marina suggests today’s alignment is one of the “pragmatic practical positions” so it might be a good time “to focus on learning or exploring or researching certain areas”.

Alternatively, today lends itself to tackling the necessary things on our to-do lists.

Marina suggests “maybe cleaning our houses or putting some order at home or also taking care of our body.

“We shouldn’t forget that Virgo is a sign related to our health.

“So it is a wonderful time for some kind of purification or doing something which will improve how you feel, how your body feels.”

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