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On Saturday, October 20, the Moon will form three distinct aspects on the astrological charts.

The Moon will trine with the planet Venus in retrograde, meaning it will form a 120-degree aspect four zodiac signs away with the planet of love.

At the same time, the Moon will form a trine aspect with the planet of communication, Mercury.

Planet Mercury, which rules your dreams and inspirations will conjunct the Moon today as well – uniting and binding their energies together.

Finally, the transit Moon moves through the sign of Pisces today after leaving Aquarius on October 20.

Astrologer Marina of MarStar Astrology Insights believes this powerful blend of energies creates a perfect atmosphere for relaxation and recharging yourself.

She said: “It is also a wonderful time to experience some kind of emotions or to connect more with your closest people.

“Generally when the transit Moon is in Pisces and also with Neptune there, this is a time when you can be extremely sensitive, over-emotional and sometimes, you know, this can also be a great position for creative work, for inspiration, for more imagination.

“The trine that the Moon will make with Mercury is great for harmonising your communications with others.

“You may enjoy conversations with others or you may feel like they are capable of understanding you or you may also notice that you can feel more what someone else is trying to say, even without the exact words.”

The Moon and Mercury might either help you better understand someone’s moods and motivations today.

On the other hand, the astrologer said, the Moon in trine with Venus might give you a new perspective on something related to your past.

This might be bringing up old emotional experiences or reminiscing about past flames and relationships.

But this could mean dredging up past matters related to your financial situation.

Marina said: “Generally, this is a harmonious aspect which can help us look on those situations from a positive perspective or to find a way to change something.

“Of course, it’s not the day when you can do some serious work or take action or be really string and confident.

“This is more like an inner process that may happen within us, so take your time and relax – after, all it’s Saturday.”

The astrologer suggested you got outside today, weather permitting, and spend some time with nature and the people you love.

Alternatively, you might choose to take the day off to reconnect with yourself on a personal level.

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