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The Sun and the Moon both feature today in the zodiacal water sign Scorpio, associated with the planet Mars and Pluto.

Scorpio is the eighth sign of the zodiac and is associated with passion, friendship and resourcefulness but also stubbornness at times.

Astrologers believe those born under Scorpio appreciate truth, being right, facts and longtime friendships.

On the other hand, the zodiac horoscope is believed to dislike passiveness, revealing secrets and dishonesty.

According to astrologer Debra Silverman of Astrology Answers Scorpio receives something of a “bad rep” in the textbooks.

But Scorpio does not always “sting” and could be a positive aspect for those looking to open up a bit and reveal their insecurities or problems.

Ms Silverman said Scorpios will “talk straight to you” about their dark side, their psychology or their fixations and additions.

She said: “That’s the conversation that allows people to be transparent and get real and ask for help.

“The downside of the double Scorpio is secrets. Don’t tell anybody what you’re thinking, play your cards close to the chest, avoid eye contact.

“The upside is being totally transparent, asking for help, going to get recovered and then teaching other people that it’s ok to admit this is not an easy life.”

The skies will be particularly dark tonight, tomorrow and on Thursday, November 8, due to the New Moon vanishing from sight.

During these dark skies, Ms Silverman advised you make a conscious decision, in spite of Scorpio, to be accepting and willing to live life to the fullest.

She said: “You can’t do it without admitting to the double Scorpio, to your shadow, to your darkness, to your loneliness – or those words that get left secret are coming up forward, especially during this day sky.

“My prayer – always during a New Moon take advantage of the dark sky and pray – my prayer for you is, to be honest, and transparent with your shadow in the name of healing and lifting up the energy like true Scorpio does into a state of pleasure.

“Because what they don’t tell you about double Scorpio is, mmm, it’s the yummiest sign of the zodiac.

“They’re skin, they’re smells, slow-kissing, eating slowly – all of that is double Scorpio-land. See what I mean?”

In addition to the double Scorpio aspect, the two bodies form a perfect trine, or a 120-degree, with Neptune in Pisces.

The astrologer said Neptune rules over alcohol, drugs, altered states and going places.

So, if a part of you feels like going away during this astrological alignment, consider meditation or massage instead.

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