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The Moon in Libra is believed to symbolise relationships, beauty, balance, harmony and kindness.

At the same time, the Moon forms two distinct aspects with the planets Mars and the dwarf planet Pluto.

The Moon trines with Mars, or form a 120-degree separation on the horoscope charts.

The lunar orb also forms a strong square aspect with Pluto – a 90-degree position from one another on the zodiac.

But the overall horoscope predictions for today focus on the energies mixed together by the Moon and the star sign Libra.

Astrologer Marina of MarStar Astrology Insights said: “The day is great for communication with others, especially the type of close communications one-on-one.

“It’s a wonderful time to spend with your loved ones, with your partner or with your closest friends.

“Business partnerships, of course, can be beneficial as well.

“Now, we have to keep in mind that the rule of Libra, Venus, is still retrograde so those types of situations might be related to our past – like restarting old conversations or old partnerships and relationships.

The next interesting aspect dominating the skies today is the square between the transit Moon and Pluto.

The astrologers said this is a “challenging aspect” which can bring about certain degrees of tension, power struggles and even shed light on long-held secrets.

But at the same time, the aspect might surprise you with more passion and more intense feelings.

Marina said: “Sometimes the passion might be too intense so you have to be wise, you have to handle it in the best possible way.

“Remember that Pluto is a great source of power and passion, so this is the aspect which can really help you to be focused and certain on achieving a concrete goal.”

The third aspect formed by the Moon today, the trine with Mars, will be a much more positive one from the get-go.

The Red Planet Mars in astrology is associated with personal power and marks a good time to take action.

Marina said: “Especially when it comes to intellectual work, or social work or communication with others, that’s a wonderful aspect because the Moon and Mars are both in air signs.

“Those of us who have more air energy in their horoscope or specifically in Libra and Aquarius may benefit even more.

“So go out, meet new people, create new contacts, share your ideas, ask for advice or support and be a team player.”

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