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The transit Moon enters the sign of Aries today just as its ruling planet Mars squares the gas giant Jupiter. Astrologers consider Aries to be the very first sign of the horoscope, occupying the first 30-degrees in the element of fire. The star sign is ruled by Mars and is often associated with courage, determination and confidence.

People born under the sign of Aries are believed to be honest and optimistic but also at times impulsive and prone to moodiness.

Today, all of this impulsiveness might come into play thanks to the Moon and Jupiter.

According to astrologer Marina of MarStar Astrology insights, Mars and Jupiter, in particular, form a very interesting and challenging aspect.

The Mars in square Jupiter aspect means the Red Planet sits three signs away, or 90-degrees, from Jupiter on the horoscope charts.

She said: “The downside of this transit is that you might feel frustrated with what you are achieving from your actions or you may want to do something but you might not find the right way to to do it.

“There might be some kind of misalignment between your goals and your actions.

“So from that side, the transit can be frustrating and also it can bring a very strong desire to compete with others.

“Of course, this can always be used to do something positive, to do something remarkable and it can help you to be even more ambitious.”

The astrologer said frustration of this kind is a perfect opportunity towards taking action.

This means you might feel compelled to improve yourself, reach out for new goals and achieve more than you have in the past.

Marina said: “So it is a very interesting combination and it definitely charges us with a lot of energy and desire to do and take action.”

The transit Moon in Aries creates another very “dynamic energy” to look out for thanks to its connection to Mars.

The astrologer believes feelings of impulsiveness and risk-taking further heightened under the Moon today.

If you feel motivated to act, Marina said, you should be able to achieve and accomplish more than you have planned.

She said: “It is a great time also to decide what you need to change in your approach, in your action, so that you can finally achieve your goals.

“That’s the most important today.”

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