Cattle swept away by flooded river in Minnesota in video

This terrifying video shows poor cattle being swept away in Zumbro River, southeast Minnesota, after 8 inches of fell rain overnight.

The torrential overnight rain led to flash flooding that swept everything on its path Friday morning. 

About 40 cattle were swept away from their pasture in southern Minnesota as heavy rainfall caused the Zumbro River to swell.

The video of the shocking incident was captured by Donny Ehlenfeldt, who witnessed the cattle being swept down the South Branch Middle Fork Zumbro River, which runs through Oxbow Park in Olmsted County. 

It’s unclear how many cattle were swept away. Some sources say between 30-40. But according to some witnesses, a “bunch of them made it back up to land, like about 9 cows were able to get out of the river and to dry land.” 

Up to eight inches of rain fell overnight in parts of Olmsted County, which was under a flash flood warning until 9 a.m. Friday.

Numerous roads were impassable because of high water and power outages were reported around Dodge, Olmsted and Fillmore counties.

[KSTP, Bringmethenews]

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