California Superbloom pictures march 2019

Our unusually persistent December, January and February Rain Showers have brought the iconic Golden State’s drought-stricken wildfire-ravaged hills, dales and deserts an extraordinary gloriously showy display of Springtime Wild Flowers.

California superbloom in 2019. Picture via Facebook

There are many super bloom locations around South and Central California: including Borrego Springs, Joshua Tree, Temecula, Lake Elsinore, I-5/Grapevine, Lucerne Valley.

The point of the post is not to report news – it’s to give people all over the world a heads up about the phenomenon of super blooms and to make people feel better and to enjoy beauty and to appreciate Mother Nature’s ability to recover after devastation.

Most pictures came from newspaper articles about California’s SUPER BLOOM, a few others from a Google image search siting our current super bloom. A few images are from prior year’s super blooms.

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