California fire laser conspiracy: Terrorism, illuminati or ALIENS – What caused the fires? | Weird | News

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The two raging infernos – known as the Camp (or Paradise) Fire and Woolsey Fire, have killed 63 people, and 630 remain unaccounted for. Entire neighbourhoods have been reduced to rubble, with some 12,000 homes destroyed. And, frustratingly for locals and authorities alike, the cause of these killer fires is still unknown.

Without a clear scapegoat for the wildfires, the internet has gone into overdrive with conspiracy theories.

One of the most popular is that the trigger for the mammoth blazes was targeted lasers.

These huge lasers, the theory claims, are likely to have been operated by a sinister source.


Most likely, they claim, is a terrorist organisation, or aliens, or the United States government itself.

Some theories go even further, calling the lasers “directed energy weapons,” or DEWs.

DEWs are said to be government-directed lasers which are targeted on the location of choice (in this case, drought-struck California) from a drone or plane.

The theories don’t go so far as to say why the government might be shooting California with lasers, but the opportunity for speculation is rife.


PG&E announced two days earlier that it might shut down power to parts of Butte County amid forecasts of high wind and low humidity, but it never did.

The utility has been criticised and sued in a number of other large and deadly fires across California in the past.

On June 19, 1997, a Nevada County jury in Nevada City found PG&E guilty of “a pattern of tree-trimming violations that sparked a devastating 1994 wildfire in the Sierra.”

PG&E was convicted of 739 counts of criminal negligence for failing to trim trees near its power lines—the biggest criminal conviction ever against the state’s largest utility.

In October 2017, Cal Fire declared PG&E was responsible for their own lines and poles starting twelve separate fires of the 250 that devastated Northern California.

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