Big Bang Theory: Scientist Stephen Hawking WRONG about how universe began | Science | News

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Such singularities are said to be found at the centre of black holes and the biggest singularity of all was found at the very beginning of everything, moments before the creation of the universe.

The physics of singularities is so bafflingly complex and counter-intuitive that even Einstein couldn’t fathom it and famously denied the existence of black holes throughout his life.

However, legendary scientists including Alexander Friedmann, Georges Lemaitre, Edwin Hubble, Stephen Hawking, Alan Guth and Roger Penrose were completely convinced, and black holes and singularities took over from General Relativity as the defining cosmology of our time.

Until now.

Now an international team of physicists and mathematicians has re-written the physics text books yet again.

And their theory potentially allows for the scientific examination of both the interior of black holes and the beginning of everything – the creation of time, space and matter itself.

Using mind-bogglingly complex maths and science the team introduce quantum effects to disprove Hawking’s claims.

Scientist Faisal Mir, of the Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Lethbridge, in Alberta, Canada, said: “It is known that general relativity predicts that the universe started with a big bang singularity and the laws are physics cannot be meaningfully applied to a singularity.

“Furthermore, the Penrose-Hawking singularity theorems demonstrate that the occurrence of these singularities is an intrinsic property built into the structure of classical general relativity.

“It has been argued that such singularities will be removed by quantum effects, but such work till date has been done using different approaches to quantum gravity, and all these approaches have problems associated with them.

“To prove that the singularities are actually removed by quantum effects, we would need a quantum version of the Penrose-Hawking singularity theorems, and this is what we have obtained in our paper.

“So, our paper proves quantum effects do remove singularities from general relativity, just as Penrose-Hawking singularity theorems proves that singularities are an intrinsic property of classical general relativity. ”

The paper, co-written by Salwa Alsaleh Lina Alasfar and Ahmed Farag Ali, opens by explaining how Einstein’s General Relativity predicts its own downfall saying: “Even though general relativity (GR) is one of the most well tested theories, it predicts its own breakdown due to the occurrence of singularities.”

And it ends by concluding the center of black holes do not lie beyond the so-called Event Horizon and thus one day could be scientifically investigated.

The paper states: “The absence of singularity means the absence of inconsistency in the laws of nature describing our universe, that shows a particular importance in studying black holes and cosmology.”

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