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The search for Atlantis has been ongoing since Greek philosopher Plato first described in 350BC a mysterious island that seemingly just vanished. Now one expert believes he has found the ancient city in bogs in Spain. The ‘city’ was discovered in the beaches of southern Spain when odd circular shapes emerged from a swamp.

The discovery was made by Merlin Burrows, who dedicated a lot of time to scouring satellite images in the hope of finding something seemingly out-of-place.

The circular structures we found in the coastal areas of Donana National Park and show the outline of dozens of hidden, circular structures.

This would fit with Plato’s description, as he said: “There were alternate zones of sea and land encircling each other, there were two of land and three of water.”

The discovery is being made into a documentary called Atlantica, with a statement saying: “For the first time in history, join our team as we uncovered the actual remains of the mythical empire of Atlantis.

“We were able to identify artefacts, which matched Plato’s descriptions of Atlantis, down to the most crucial details … exactly as Plato described them!!”

However, some people dismissed the ‘discovery’.

Charles Orser of the New York State Museum in Albany told National Geographic: “Pick a spot on the map, and someone has said that Atlantis was there.

“Every place you can imagine.”

Indeed prior to this, the most recent claim was that Atlantis had been discovered in the Eye of the Sahara.

Located near Ouadane, in central Mauritania, is the Richat Structure, also known as the Eye of the Sahara.

The circular feature is alleged to have been created by an asteroid impact although there is no credible evidence to support this.

Solon, a statesman from Ancient Greece, is the man who is thought to have passed on information regarding Atlantis to Plato.

Solon told the philosopher the city was destroyed in 11600BC – which ties in with the Younger Dryas theory which states that a comet hit Earth around that time, prompting the ice age.

This would have led sea levels to fluctuate massively, and could have submerged areas in the Sahara, in theory at least.

The diameter of the Eye of the Sahara measures 23.5km, according to Google Map’s measuring tool and Atlantis was said to measure 127 Stadia, or in today’s terms that is 23.49km.

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