At least 500 animals killed by lightning in last two days in Nepal, India and Spain

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Something in the sky is making lightnings more deadlier than ever!

At least 500 animals were reportedly within the last two days in Nepal, India and Spain.

More than 500 animals have been killed by lightning in the last five days of August 2019 in Nepal, India and Spain. Picture by CEN

Lightning kills 200 sheep in India

Lightning killed at least 200 sheep in Himachal Pradesh’s Rohru area on August 30, 2019. The shepherds were camping outdoor when lightning struck them.

They have asked the government to be compensated in some way for the loss. The state has been experiencing dry weather in most parts while some areas have had thunderstorms… Deadly lightning storms. – SunPost

Lightning kills at least 250 sheep in Nepal

Lightning killed 250 sheep in Sudi village of Tila Rural Municipality-6 in Jumla district on August 29, 2019, following incessant rainfall. 

Heavy snowfalls and lightning had already killed hundreds of sheep last winter, which is a major source of income in the area.

Now, the farmers are in great distress for their livelihood. – Nepal 24 hours

20 dead cows in Spain

This is the distressing moment a farmer discovered his 20 cows dead after they had apparently been struck by lightning – freezing their blood in the process.

The gruesome deaths are thought to have happened during a thunderstorm on the Geras Mountain in the Spanish municipality of Geras de Gordon. The farmer had reportedly rented the whole mountain so the cattle could graze.

But – despite the height at which they were living – neighbours claimed it is uncommon for lightning to strike cattle. – DailyStar

It’s maybe rare for animals to be killed by lightning, but it is horrifying and life-changing for farmers experiencing it.

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