Alien sighting hotspot REVEALED: THIS is where you are most likely to see a UFO | Science | News

Betting website has calculated more than 70 years of data to discover where across the US one is likely to see a UFO.

The site states: “We’ve calculated the odds of sighting a UFO in each state across the country and compiled the results.

“The truth isn’t out there… it’s right here.”

The gambling firm says Wyoming is the place where a UFO sighting is most likely to occur, giving odds at 205/1 following almost 3,000 sightings since 1940.

Florida sits at the opposite end of the table, with giving the sunshine state the longest odds at 3485/1.

New Mexico has surprisingly high odds considering it is home to such places as the Roswell incident which is the biggest alien conspiracy in US history.

The company says the chances of seeing a UFO in New Mexico is 521/1.

Since 1940, there have been a staggering 259,691 UFO sightings in the US – although experts believe they can dismiss up to 95 percent of these as weather events, military or aviation exercises.

What is more astonishing however is that, according to, more than 40,000 Americans have taken out insurance against alien abduction.

The website says that more UFOs were spotted during the 1940s and 50s than at any time.

But the website adds: “During the second World War, most UFO sightings were dismissed as wartime rockets.

“After the crash and cover up in Roswell, New Mexico, people realised that they couldn’t just trust the government’s explanations anymore.

“Combine that with the paranoia of the Cold War, and everyone was seeing UFOs everywhere.

“So, were aliens busier on earth in the 40s and 50s, or are they just better covered up now?”

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