Alien news: US Special Agent claims ‘4ft ET found ALIVE’ at Roswell crash | Weird | News

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The 1947 Roswell incident is widely regarded as one of the biggest UFO events ever when it was claimed a number of “flying discs” crashed into a ranch in New Mexico.  Numerous conspiracy theorists went on to suggest the US government were involved in an alien cover-up. However, the official story from the military revealed it was actually a nuclear surveillance weather balloon from a mission named Project Mongol. 

Despite the claims, the media. along with many ufologists continue to push the possibility that US officials could be involved in a cover-up. 

Richard Doty, a retired Special Agent who worked for the US Air Force of Special Investigations gave a frank interview during Netflix’s Unacknowledged series, where he not only confirmed the conspiracy but went on to describe exactly what they found inside.

“The craft was egg-shaped,” he admitted on the 2017 documentary.

“It was not saucer-shaped and the interior did not have any levers, but there were also creatures found.

“They were about four foot in length and some were heavily injured. 

“We were told they were taken to Kirkland Air Force Base, Albuquerque, before going to Los Alamos.”

Doty has received criticism over the years, after admitting he was part of disinformation project with the US government at one time.

He featured in a 2013 documentary titled Mirage Men, where he revealed how the military used mythology to cover up their advanced technology. 

It led many to discredit his story as people struggled to see the difference between truth and lies. 

However, Doty remains his innocence, claiming he was falsely represented in the movie by writer Mark Pilkington. 

He claims his interview was edited and parts of the audio were voiced over.

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