ALIEN DISCOVERY: Cigar shaped asteroid to help experts look for ET | Science | News

The bizarre cigar-shaped space rock is believed to have been wandering among the stars for hundreds of millions of years and it is the first foreign object in our solar system to be spotted.

The asteroid has been dubbed Oumuamua and is about 400 metres long and is a dark red colour.

It was spotted by the Pan-STARRS1 telescope in Hawaii on October 19, 2017, and travelling at about 95,000 kilometres per hour.

But researchers using the Murchison telescope, some 800 miles north of Perth, Australia, which is made up of thousands of antennas, were able to examine signals that the asteroid gave off.

Experts were able to deduce that the asteroid was not actually an alien space, by analysing the signals.

However, using this technology in the future will allow experts to track down aliens and eventually communicate with them using radio technology.

Curtin University Professor Steven Tingay said: “If advanced civilisations do exist elsewhere in our galaxy, we can speculate that they might develop the capability to launch spacecraft over interstellar distances and that these spacecraft may use radio waves to communicate.

“Whilst the possibility of this is extremely low, possibly even zero, as scientists it’s important that we avoid complacency and examine observations and evidence without bias.”

“Oumuamua has given us an interesting opportunity to expand the search for extra-terrestrial intelligence from traditional targets such as stars and galaxies to objects that are much closer to Earth.

“This also allows for searches for transmitters that are many orders of magnitude less powerful than those that would be detectable from a planet orbiting even the most nearby stars.”

Scientists believe that interstellar objects enter our solar system about once a year, but they are difficult to spot because they are so faint.

Analysis of the rock suggests it has a high metal content, but is lacking in water and ice.

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