Alarming rise of lightning deaths in Odisha… But nobody knows why

Concerns are now being expressed over alarming rise in the number of lightning deaths in Odisha.

In the past two days, at least ten persons have been killed in separate lightning strikes. As per official records, as many as 1,256 people have been killed in lightning strikes in the past three years. These deaths account for nearly 27 percent of the total deaths due to natural disasters.

World map showing frequency of lightning strikes, in flashes per km² per year (equal-area projection), from combined 1995–2003 data from the Optical Transient Detector and 1998–2003 data from the Lightning Imaging Sensor. via Wikipedia

Nearly 400 people died due to lightning strikes during 2018-19 with highest 130 deaths being reported in Mayurbhanj followed by 95 deaths in Balasore district. 

As many as 399 people died because of lightning strikes in 2015-16. During 2016-17 and 2017-18 397 and 460 were killed, respectively.

About 85% of the death (1,069) occurred between May and September

According to experts, the changing weather patterns and extreme monsoon are responsible for the rise in lightning storms in Odisha. Besides, the amount of aerosol has increased in the air, which is why lightning strikes are more frequent.

Officials are also maybe playing the weather wizards… What do you think?

[Odisha TV]

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