Adolf Hitler personal pilot ‘flew Nazi leader to Spain’ day BEFORE suicide | Weird | News

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The US government seriously looked into the possibility that Adolf Hitler escaped his Berlin Bunker on April 30, 1945, declassified documents previously revealed. FBI agents were sent to South America to investigate alleged sightings of Hitler in Argentina. Three months later, at the Potsdam Conference, Soviet leader Joseph Stalin outright told US president Harry Truman that he had escaped Germany.

Harry Cooper, who has been researching the rumoured escape for years, says he can document up to 30 years of Hitler’s survival after the war. 

He believes the Nazi leader was flown to Spain on April 29, after witnesses claim they saw his personal pilot Hanna Reitsch enter his bunker, it was revealed on Amazon Prime’s 2015 documentary “Adolf Hitler’s Great Escape”.

Cooper asked: “His doctor and pilot were sent there the day before the suicide – why?

“Why were they not just told ‘every man for himself’?

“We have some evidence that he was then flown to Spain, with Eva Braun and Blondi – his dog.

“From there, they went down by submarine to Argentina.

“So they took the train west to the Estancia San Ramon and stayed there for the winter.”

Conspiracy theorists have often enjoyed the idea Hitler survived the war due to the bizarre circumstances around his death.

According to official reports, as the Red Army closed in on central Berlin, Hitler shot himself.

The body was then supposedly burned, leaving no trace. 

However, years later, Russian authorities admitted they had kept the remains of a jaw bone from the scene.

A French-led investigation confirmed it did, in fact, belong to Hitler.

In a 2017 paper published in the European Journal of Internal Medicine, researchers suggest SS officers were ordered to burn the body before Soviet troops discovered the charred remains.

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