Adolf Hilter’s HIDEOUT: SECRET Nazi Antarctica mission aided ESCAPE – shock claim | Weird | News

The Nazi leader famously killed himself as the Red Army closed in on central Berlin. However, his body was burnt, leaving no trace and fuelling rumours of a conspiracy he actually escaped.Now, bombshell documentary “The Real Secrets Hidden in Antarctica” has claimed the Furher made it out alive and all the way to the icy continent with other leading officials.

The series draws a parallel between Germany’s secret missions to Antarctica before World War Two and the possibility their bases were exploited post-1945.

The 2017 video revealed: “Hitler’s right-hand man Hermann Goring personally signed off on an exhibition to Antarctica in 1938 and was completed in 1939.

“It was to be a secret mission with only 33 members plus the ship’s crew.

“It aimed at increasing the production of fat for the coming war, however, the real mission was clearly to create permanent bases for the Nazis. 

“They established a German section of Antarctica named Neuschwabenland.”

The documentary went on to claim these bases remained active through the war, before secretly housing escaped Nazi officials.

It continued: “Historians have admitted there is evidence of Nazi post-war bases in Antarctica and they were large enough to house German battleships.

“Unofficially, rumours allege that several Nazi U-boats carried top officials including Hitler to the South Pole after the war. 

“A more extensive base was then built.

“In 1940 Admiral Byrd was sent to Antarctica with the US government to establish bases and most likely spy on this base.”

Project Highjump was a United States Navy operation involving more than 4,700 men, 13 ships, and 33 aircraft. 

Its primary mission was to establish a research base known as Little America. 

Yet many conspiracy theorists believe it was actually a manhunt for Hitler.

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