Third most energetic meteor of the year recorded over Reunion and Mauritius

A very bright fireball was observed over the islands of Reunion and Mauritius islands at 14:10 UTC on September 25, 2018. Its calculated total impact energy is 1.9 kt, making it the third most energetic meteor since the start of the year and 48th on record.

The International Meteor Organization (IMO) received just two reports of this event, but it was recorded and video is available on YouTube.

“It lasted more than 5 seconds, illuminating the clouds and the sky,” IMO reports. “The meteor occurred south of the two islands, over the Indian Ocean, leaving no chances of finding associated meteorites.”

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According to CNEOS, the meteor was detected by government sensors, and the calculated total impact energy is 1.9 kt, making it the third most energetic meteor event since the start of the year. It is also the 48th most energetic meteor event on record (since 1988).

The two other most energetic events of the year took place over Russia on June 21 (2.8 kt) and Greenland on July 25 (2.1 kt).

Featured image: Bright fireball over Reunion and Mauritius on September 25, 2018. Credit: Look@

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