Spectacular waterspout turns tornado in San Remo, Italy

A large waterspout formed around 11:40 UTC (12:40 CET) on December 1, 2017 off the coast of San Remo, Italy and soon struck the city. It was one of several waterspouts spotted in the region today, and the only to hit the land.

Although it was on the ground for several minutes, the twister caused significant material damage and terrified locals. It uprooted several trees, damaged local shops, overturned motorcycles and caused other infrastructural damage. 

Italy is no stranger to waterspouts and tornados, often destructive.

This beast swept through Taranto on November 28, 2012, injuring 20 and killing 1:

Featured image: Waterspout in San Remo, Italy on December 1, 2017. Credit: Météo Côte D’Azur – En Direct

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