Spectacular explosions at Krakatoa volcano, Indonesia

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Some of the most dramatic footage yet of the explosions on collapsed Anak Krakatau, where the vent now is under water and lets water interact violently with rising magma: so-called Surtseyan activity, a type of volcanic eruption that takes place in shallow seas or lakes, named after the island of Surtsey which appeared off the southern coast of Iceland and had this activity in 1963.

In this video, very powerful explosions can be seen generating jets of ash, debris, steam and water to several hundred meters (‘rooster tails’) radially from the explosion point.

In addition, large surges (horizontally expanding hot clouds of steam mixed with ash) can be seen sometimes engulfing the whole island of Panjang, which is hiding the view of Anak Krakatau itself.

Be sure to watch this to the end, the explosions tend to become bigger and bigger…

New strong eruptions were reported at Anak Krakatau early January 2, 2019. According to the Darwin VAAC, ash plumes were observed rising up to 12 km (40 000 feet) and 15 km (50 000 feet) above sea level.

The video was captured by a local resident and videographer Doni Janskulo, who lost most of his equipment during the December 22, 2018 tsunami that devastated Java’s west coast.

Video was taken from the Lampung coast of Sukaraja Village, Rajabasa District, South Lampung Regency, Lampung Province, on January 1, 2019, at 14:56 WIB.

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Featured image and video copyright: Doni Janskulo/DonisVideo, VolcanoDiscovery

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