Severe thunderstorms, large hail and at least one tornado hit France

Severe thunderstorms coming from Spain to the Pyrénées Orientales and Aude have affected southern France on January 6 and 7, 2018, producing heavy rain, large hail and at least one tornado. More than 70 homes were damaged and one person injured. This weather system produced several tornadoes in Spain on January 6, of which one damaged or destroyed 150 hectares (370 acres) of greenhouses.

The storm caused significant damage in the Vallespir and the Aspres, most notably in Céret, Saint-Jean-Pla-de-Corts, Maureillas-Las Illas, Fourques and Passa where hailstones up to to 3 cm (1.2 inches) in diameter and severe wind damage were observed.

According to Keraunos, the roofs of more than 70 homes were damaged one person was injured.

At least one tornado touched down in the country today. It hit Maureillas las Illas in Pyrenees Orientales and was captured on camera:

This episode of severe weather is expected to become even more pronounced in this part of the Mediterranean on January 8 and last until Tuesday, January 9.

Orange and Yellow alerts for ice/snow and heavy rain are in effect for much of France and Italy, and parts of Spain, Slovenia and Croatia. 

Featured image: Tornado in France on January 7, 2018. Credit: François François

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