Mudslide destroys 300 homes, claims at least 10 lives, Afghanistan

A large mudslide triggered by melting snow destroyed nearly 300 homes in northeastern Afghanistan on Wednesday night, July 11, 2018, killing at least 10 people. The area is known for its snow-capped peaks.

The slide took place after a mountain lake in Panjshir overflowed, sending water and mud cascading over Peshghor village in Khenj district, Omar Mohammadi, spokesman for the disaster management ministry told AFP.

Mohammadi said villagers were using shovels and other tools desperately searching for survivors before rescue teams arrived. “We have deployed everything at hand to help the people,” Mohammadi said.

Nearly 300 homes were destroyed and at least 10 people have lost their lives.

“Somebody shouted ‘Flood!’ and I ran away with my family to higher ground,” one of the residents told AFP, adding that the people started firing (weapons) into the air to warn others about the flood.

He said that villagers had been worried about the possibility of landslides after several days of increasingly warm weather.

Image credit: Google. Note: Today’s district of Khenj was once a part of the former Hisa Awal Panjsher District

Featured image credit: Pajhwok

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