Large night time dust storm sweeps through Arizona

A large monsoon storm north of Tucson, Arizona created a massive dust storm during the evening of July 8, 2018, leaving more than 21 000 homes and businesses without power.

The storm was so strong that it temporarily created near zero visibility in parts of the state, forcing officials to close Interstate 10 near Casa Grande. Eastbound traffic was stopped just south of the State Route 187 junction while westbound was stopped at milepost 200, near Interstate 8, and closed for about half an hour, the AZ Family reports.

Wind gusts reached nearly 100 km/h (60 mph), leaving more than 21 000 customers across the state without power.

The large haboob can be seen overtaking South Mountain and approaching Phoenix Sky Harbor airport. 

The video below shows the large haboob overtaking South Mountain and approaching Phoenix Sky Harbor airport:

Video courtesy Live Storms Media

Featured image: Large haboob overtaking South Mountain and approaching Phoenix Sky Harbor airport. Credit: Live Storms Media

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