Floods in Bolivia’s Santa Cruz cause extensive damage, 3 deaths

Heavy rain that flooded several localities of Bolivia’s Santa Cruz department on January 2, 2018 is blamed for the deaths of at least 3 people. 

First evaluations show extensive damage in more than 12 municipalities, authorities said. The floods have damaged and destroyed homes, roads, bridges and farms.

The northern zone and part of the Chiquatania was the most affected by rains, Rodolfo Vallejos, the president of the Association of Municipalities of Santa Cruz said. The most affected municipalities are Yapacani, San Carlo, San Juan de Yapoacani and El Puente.

Vallejos said several of these municipalities are without drinking water due to damaged pipes and have issued emergency declarations 

There are 3 confirmed deaths as of January 3. The first confirmed victim was a 40-year-old homeless man who drowned in a drainage channel in the Los Lotes area. Another dead body appeared in the town of El Puente in the province of Ascensión de Guarayos. The body of the third victim was found today in the area of Bolivia Avenue.

The Minister of Defence, Reymi Ferreira, said that a large number of people whose homes were damaged were temporarily housed in the municipal and military hotels.

According to data provided by the National Weather Service and Hydrology of Peru (SENAMHI), the capital of Santa Cruz received 184 mm (7.2 inches) of rain on January 2.

Featured image: Floods in Porongo, Santa Cruz after the Piraí River overflowed on January 2, 2018. Credit: La-razon.com

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