Energy from Space – The Shift Has Begun

Earth and Sun’s fields are weakening and we’re exiting the magnetic dust cloud. At the same time, our three shields against energy from space are disappearing, we are showing increased vulnerability to space weather from our sun, and cosmic rays are already exceeding expectations.

The magnetic protection stops the cosmic connection to earthquakes, volcanoes and storms from getting worse…

Reserve 68 minutes for the following presentation and press play:

It is undeniable that the general pole shift and field weakening have presented symptomatically of a reversal or significant excursion, and the only point both ESA/SWARM and MIT use to quell fear is that they believe it will take 1000s of years. The math of losing 5% per decade, and the potential for fast reversals, cast a shadow on such aspersions of safety.

Don’t be scared, be prepared and aware.

Video presentation by Kat and Ben Davidson

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