Cosmos 2430 Missile Early Warning Satellite re-entry recorded over New Zealand

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Russian Cosmos 2430 early warning satellite, launched 11 years ago, re-entered Earth’s atmosphere on January 5, 2018, producing a spectacular show to all New Zealanders lucky enough to witness it. 

The object was first seen shortly after 20:58 NZDT (07:58 UTC) and was visible for several minutes.

Witnesses described a bright light followed by a loud rumbling noise. Some described it as a bright double ball, whose streak was visible for about 10 minutes. 

While some people still think this was a meteor, the object was actually Russian Cosmos 2430 Missile Early Warning Satellite, re-entering Earth’s atmosphere and burning over New Zealand’s North Island.

Its decay was predicted for 06:37 UTC ± 2hr on January 5, 2019.

Image credit: Joseph Remish

Featured image credit: MBH Films

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