Another significant cold outbreak threatens entire Europe

Both GFS and ECMWF models agree Europe is about to experience a significant pattern flip into much colder weather again. If the forecast comes true, this will be a second blast of very cold Arctic air to hit entire Europe in just 3 weeks.

After a significant intrusion of very cold Arctic air into entire Europe just before meteorological spring, blamed for more than 50 fatalities across the continent, and a brief period of warming, it seems March in Europe will soon turn very cold and stay like that at least until the 28th

“Latest ECMWF model guidance for the cold outbreak this weekend into next week: a complete pattern flip is confirmed now… with much colder weather returning across a large part of Europe, including very cold daily temperatures and snow locally,” Severe Weather Europe meteorologists said.

“Once the blocking ridge establishes across the Arctic region, it gradually expands into Atlantic and establishes meridional flow and cold advection from the N and NE Europe far south towards central Europe and Mediterranean.”

In short: goodbye spring until further notice.

Featured image credit: ECMWF, TropicalTidbits.com

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